Talented Asian artists celebrate Asian heritage at Dublin High School theater

Jiawen (Sarah) Yan, Staff Writer

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  • Leah Liang dances her traditional Chinese dance solo: “A Love Before Time.” She has won numerous awards at different dance competitions with this beautiful solo. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • Leyi Lu practices pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument, in the dressing room before the show starts. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • Dancers from Xiaopei Chinese Dance are dressed up as characters called Feitian that is a key symbol of the Dunhuang cave arts. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • Michael Caballero Hong plays a traditional Filipino song called “Feelings” in his traditional Filipino outfit called Barong Tagalog. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • Elize Gao is the youngest performer of the night. She brings joy to the audience with her cute dance moves and angelic voice. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • The choir sings a song called “YuGeZi.” It is inspired by Chinese fishermen and harvest. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • The dancer does a front aerial as everyone poses with their silk fans. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

  • Bollywood dancers perform in traditional clothing and props. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)