Donversity rally triumphs after months of planning


Aileen Hu

As the day of the rally neared, Leadership began wrapping up all their preparations while finalizing the schedule and decor.

Aileen Hu, Staff Writer

On April 22, Amador held its yearly Donversity Rally in the large gym. Leadership planned and carried out the events in detail. Despite an unexpected shower of rain, the show continued on without any mishaps.

“We started planning for the Donversity Rally about early February— that’s when we got the main Donversity committee and then separated it into the rally group. Then we started contacting different clubs during March, and we heard back, and we were really finalizing all of our plans by early April,” said Sarah Nicolson (‘22), one of the rally planners.

This year was a first in many ways. It had been two years since the last Donversity rally, and the pandemic’s restrictions had also come into play.

“When planning the rally, we had to consider COVID as one of the main factors. That influenced where the rally was, because it was supposed to be on the field. We had to keep that in mind and make sure all of the performers went along with COVID guidelines. In a way, it also really expedited the planning process,” said Nicolson (‘22).

Of course, the rally performers themselves also put a large amount of effort into their preparations. Everyone involved in the event played their role in ensuring a smooth performance.

“[Bollywood] started practicing around three weeks before Donversity started. We collaborated with the Dance Team this time, so it was a lot of work organizing everyone together and learning the choreography,” said Aadhya Pai (‘25), member of Bollywood Club.

For all their hard work and dedication, the performers and hosts were able to enjoy themselves just as much as their audience did— the exhilaration of showing off in front of peers was an unforgettable feeling. 

“[The performance itself] was fun. It was tiring, though, because we had to do it twice, but it was a great experience because we partnered up with dance team. It was just really exciting to participate in,” said Amishi Anand (‘25), member of Bollywood Club.

Performers and audience alike enjoyed the rally to its fullest. The buzzing atmosphere quickly spread and the event left a great impression on the students.

“[The rally] was kind of eye-opening because I got to find out more about some of the clubs I didn’t know much about. The overall air was also exciting— the performers were really energetic and that kind of hyped up the audience as well,” said Hannah Cha (‘24).

Despite the drawbacks that came with the pandemic and weather, Amador’s leadership class and performing clubs presented the student body with an amazing show.

“I think the Donversity rally is really special because it does show all the students on campus, and the students really enjoy it so it was great to see all the students’ reactions,” said Nicolson (‘22).

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  • The Leadership class went above and beyond to create a lasting impression on the student body; their efforts reflect how committed they are to their work.

  • The Donversity Rally is all about showing off the many different talents on campus. It’s a chance to spread awareness and present a series of unique performances.

  • This year’s Donversity Rally was both a wonderful kickstart into holding indoor rallies again, and also a great accomplishment for Leadership.

  • Both Leadership and the performing clubs were committed to putting up a fantastic show. All participants had planned ahead in order to ensure a successful rally.

  • Before the rally began, the air of excitement had spread to performers and audience alike as everyone waited in anticipation.

  • Despite the unexpected weather and hurried accommodations, all last minute changes were efficiently taken care of.

  • Although Amador missed out on the last two Donversity Rallies, Leadership made a swift comeback with this year’s performance.

  • What happens behind the scenes is just as important as the resulting show, and Leadership is constantly putting effort into preparing different school events and activities.

  • As the day of the rally neared, Leadership began wrapping up all their preparations while finalizing the schedule and decor.

  • Amador’s Leadership class often multitasks as they plan various school events, but they all combined their efforts for a final sprint before the rally.