Seniors Sara Kracke and Jeanette D’Addabbo review new movies throughout spring and the upcoming summer season in the one and only review-based podcast on AVRadio!










 The Batman (2022)

Sara and Jeanette discuss the latest Batman movie, how it contradicts a lot of film-based social norms, and its breakaway from the traditional superhero formula.

Music Credit: “Ambient Blues Joe” by Lobo Loco on the Free Music Archive (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0), https://www.purple-planet.com

The Adam Project

The newest Ryan Reynolds/Mark Ruffalo movie, The Adam Project, has been rated quite poorly by critics in the wake of its release, but what do Sara and Jeanette have to say about the movie?

Music Credit: “sailing day” (CC BY-NC 4.0) and “Lively” (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) by Dee-Yan Key on the free Music Archive.