The craze behind crystals


Stephanie Kamali

Crystals range in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are not only sold at stores but also on various tables at street fairs.

Giuliana Barthel, Staff Writer

Recent trends in pop culture have revealed that crystals are used as more than just rocks from the ground. Pew Research Center found that 42% of all adults from the U.S. believe that “spiritual energy can be found in physical things.”

The use of crystals is thought to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing by positively interacting with the body’s energy field. This may be a controversial exercise while considering the topic of health and wellness as some question the validity of crystals. 

Others feel that crystals can provide support when one is feeling down or stressed by boosting their mood. Crystals supposedly do away with negative toxic energy and help users stay positive. They are something that the crystal community can turn to that embodies faith and spirituality.

“I think it’s interesting that young adults at Amador are so into crystals. One of my students told me that her aunt had a pendulum with clear quartz and this student was very drawn to it. Her aunt had recently passed away when this student was in Livermore and walked into a crystal store. She saw a crystal similar to her aunt’s and felt a deeper connection to it,” said English teacher Stephanie Kamali

Celebrities have also added to the popularity of crystals by vocalizing their use. 

“I don’t stay single for long. I carry a lot of rose quartz. Maybe I need to calm down [it’s energy] with amethyst,” said Katy Perry in a Cosmopolitan interview. 

Crystals have been commonly dismissed as pseudoscience, but some suggest they might offer a placebo effect regardless if their qualities actually work or not. Many believe that there does not need to be science to ensure crystal healing is actually effective. 

“All people are looking for things to help them maintain health and prolong the quality of living, so if crystals are going to be something someone believes can heal them and it does, then it did what it was intended to do. If not, is it the crystal or the lack of belief in the crystal? That I can’t answer,” said Ceramics teacher Neil Bello.

Each kind of crystal is said to have its own spiritual properties. Clear quartz is considered a master healer, believed to support the entire energetic system, while the Tiger’s eye is said to provide motivation and lessen fear. The possibilities of crystals are endless! 

“Depending on the day and how I am feeling, I carry different kinds of crystals with me. Just having them with me calms my conscience as it gives me a sense of relief,” said Masey Peters (‘22). 

Whether people can come to a consensus regarding crystal healing’s effectiveness, it can still remain a topic that is implemented while considering mental health and wellness.