From physiotherapist to high school educator: A look through Ms. Hasenpflug’s journey


Joseph Chiu

Diana Hasenpflug dedicated herself to Amador’s athletic program in 1999. She is currently the head athletic trainer at Amador.

In the event of an athletic injury at Amador, Diana Hasenpflug is the first person an athlete will reach out to. Hasenpflug remains on campus after school everyday until all athletic games are finished at night. Whether it be assessing injuries, providing treatment plans, taping athletes, or simply giving encouragement and guidance to these athletes, her wholehearted dedication to this job has guided her throughout her career. 

As the physical education teacher, sports medicine teacher, and head athletic trainer, Hasenpflug has not only embraced her role at Amador, but the journey that has led her to this point. 

Hasenpflug played softball for four years at Sonoma State University and graduated after five years of studying kinesiology. Outside of regular kinesiology classes, she took exercise & sport science, and biomechanics that went in depth about the study of movement and the layout of an athletic body. 

After graduating from Sonoma, she decided to go on and get her masters degree in a 2-year program. Hasenpflug majored in kinesiology and focused on teaching and athletic training. She also attended a credential program at Cal State East Bay at the same time. In this time studying, she knew sports are where her dedication and passion lies. 

“The experience was amazing because I had mentor teachers that really guided [me] along and oversaw us. I worked under three people (Glen Borgeson, Dan Miller, Jeff Pleasant) and I learned so much [that] made for a fun experience,” said Hasenpflug

After studying, Hasenpflug went straight into her first job: teaching at Dublin High School where she taught all physical education classes for 18 years. Eventually, she began teaching at Amador full time in 2008. 

“My first contract here was 2 days a week. Freshman home games along with JV and Varsity home and away games for football only. After football was over, it was just 2 days a week for winter and spring. But I came to Amador right after I taught my classes at Dublin—that was the extent of my contract [during those 18 years],” said Hasenpflug

Through her motivation from past teachers and mentors, Hasenpflug is passionate about passing on life skills and everything she’s learned with athletes and students. 

“She’s taught me a lot of things like dealing with injuries, how to prevent injuries, stretching and taping techniques. She’s given me a lot of advice on what I should do to become an athletic trainer and helped me connect with other trainers around the world,” said wrestler Blake Kenney (‘22).

Strong relationships have also been created with the athletic coaches through working together at games and athletic events. From helping the athlete physically to open-ended conversations, pushing the importance of self-care and physical therapy is a theme Hasenpflug and AV coaches share. Her favorite part about this job is making relationships with athletes and coaches with the common goal of guiding the athlete and putting forth a plan to make our program more successful.

“She takes her job as athletic trainer extremely seriously. She truly cares about every athlete, the coaches all respect her, and her work ethic is phenomenal. She’s been very supportive to me and has my back a lot. Diana’s been a star at Amador for over 20 years [and] very valuable to our school,” said Varsity Baseball Head Coach Louis Cesario.

Despite the trials and tribulations she’s faced since studying kinesiology in college, it has led Hasenpflug to the immense role she currently holds at Amador. She hopes to see more kids follow the paths they want to take and never be discouraged in chasing their dreams. 

“If you enjoy sports or activities, like to work with motivated people, travel a little bit, see the world and explore, it’s a great profession to take a part of [knowing] you’re in very high need. As I reflect back on my journey, I [ultimately] received a degree in something I worked hard for and made friendships that last a lifetime,” said Hasenpflug