County Fair Looking for New Eligible Board Member


Ritika Ghosh

Over 100,000 people flock to the fairgrounds every summer to get a glimpse of the work that the Alameda County fair board members do.

The Alameda County Fair Association is looking for a new board member to fill an empty spot on their twenty-one-person board, opening up new opportunities for eligible members.

“The mission of the Alameda County Agricultural Fair Association is to assure the long-term viability of the Alameda County Fairgrounds, present an exceptional annual Fair that celebrates the heritage and diversity of Alameda County, and provide year-round opportunities for facility usage,” said Tiffany Cadrette, the Marketing and Communications Manager of the Alameda County Fair Board. 

This affects Amador students and anyone with an interest in the fairgrounds. Some yearly fair attendees have been following the seat election, concerned about how it will affect their experience. Sid Nayak hopes to see change within the fair soon.

“I go to the county fair every year, and it’s definitely an important part of people’s summers. I’m not sure how the new board member will affect the fair, but I hope they try to improve the prices of the rides and stuff because I think $60 for going to the fair is too much,” said Sid Nayak (‘23).

According to a 2019 Alameda County Board press release, board members collaborate to run the Alameda County Fair and make decisions. Candidates will have to submit a letter of interest, a resume, and a candidate information form in order to be considered.

“Our Fair Board is seeking qualified diverse applicants to continue to celebrate the Heritage and Culture of Alameda County.  The Fair Board is comprised of 21 members. The Alameda County Board of Supervisors appoints 10 members; the Fair Board elects 11 members. Board Members serve 4-year terms. Applicants must commit to participating in monthly Board Meetings and a variety of committee meetings,” said Tiffany Cadrette.

The Alameda County Fair attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, making it one of Pleasanton’s biggest attractions and a staple for families. AV parents and those involved with the community have many hopes for what the new board member may bring.

“Before working in Fairlands, I used to do volunteer work for the school helping with arts days so I understand the appeal of helping and being involved in the community. It’s a full-time job and my kids go to the fair, so I need the board members to care for the community the same way I do,” said Amador Valley mother, Jyotsna Ghosh.