Amador varsity baseball takes a win on Deer Valley 11-2

Sara Kracke and Elyssa Lieu

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  • Before the start of the game, baseball players Blake Bouchard (’22), Ryan Lau (’22) and Brain Walrath (’22) chat with a younger kid from the stands.

  • The team huddles together before the game starts.

  • Before going to bat, Ross Kobayashi (’23) practices his perfect stance.

  • Mitchell Smith (’22) highfives his teammates after sliding into home base.

  • Ross Kobayashi (’23) throws the ball back to the pitcher.

  • The Amador team watches as the game plays on.

  • Ethan Jackson (’23) runs toward first base after hitting the ball.

  • Ross Kobayashi (’23) slides in at second base.

  • Matthew Foley (’23) winds up to pitch.

  • Dominic Varner (’22) catches the baseball after a Deer Valley player’s swing.

  • Brian Walrath (’22) and his teammates cheer with joy after scoring a run.

  • Brian Walrath (’22) scores a touchdown, his teamates running over to celebrate.

  • Second to bat, Riley Dostor (22′) perpares himself before he steps to the homeplate.

  • Braden Whitworth (’23) cracks a home run in the second half of the game.

  • Players show happiness after finding they scored.