Amador students host the AV Car Show


Jiawen (Sarah) Yan

Students popped the hood of their cars open to show the layout of their engines.

Jiawen (Sarah) Yan, Staff Writer

On February 23rd, in the Santa Rita parking lot, the annual AV Car Show was held successfully under the hosts’ detailed plan and organization. The show attracted multiple car enthusiasts and formed an energetic atmosphere among the spectators.

“I’m really into cars. I have a car, and I work on it all the time. And I just wanna see who else at the school has the same hobby as me, and I wanna see cool cars and see what people have,” said Logan Bayani (‘22), one of the hosts of the car show.

There are some aspects about the AV car show that Logan thinks is different from the ones Pleasanton already has. It is that this car show is specifically designed for AVHS students.

Four seniors decorate the Jeep with Hawaiian theme for the car show. (Jiawen (Sarah) Yan)

Amador freshmen and sophomores cannot drive yet but are still included in the car show in a variety of ways.

“It includes more students than anything else. For the school car show, it gives a chance to other students to see what kind of cars people are driving at the school and not just people who have a ton of money and who spend a lot on cars,” said Bayani.

One of the senior spectators shares about the revolution of the car show over the past few years with COVID’s interruption. The AVHS community is still grateful that Leadership is able to bring it back and keep it alive.

“It was definitely an event that had its fair share of history. And the past few years had been a little mixed in terms of results because of COVID-19 and because of the weather. We just wanna create a happy community for the car enthusiasts of Amador and have a safe space for them in order to express their interests in cars and be able to interact with each other,” said Omar Au (‘22).