Amador Varsity Boys Soccer closes season against Foothill

Sara Kracke and Joseph Chiu

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  • Andrew McMasters #12 runs to be open for a pass for his teammates.

  • Kyle Larsen #3 protects the ball from a Foothill defender as they fight for the ball.

  • After a corner kick by Foothill, Amador defenders try to prevent a goal in a one score game.

  • Allen Zhou #18 sprints to kick the ball, getting it away from Foothills possession.

  • During halftime, the Amador team huddles, planning the new strategy for the next half.

  • Razin Choudhury #4 slides in along with a rival player, attemping to kick the ball into the goal.

  • Luke Atkinson #19 attempts a header while Foothill’s goalie simultaneously tries to grab the ball, resulting in the two players crashing.

  • Allen Zhou #18 controls the ball and prepares to dribble down the field to make a play.

  • Julian Smith (goalie) dives for the ball to make a fantastic save, blocking a shot attempt by Foothill.

  • Jake Carr #11 plans his kick as a line of Foothill team members stand in front of him.

  • Unless a goalie, you cannot use your hands. Many players jump and hit the ball on their head to renavigate the ball.

  • Players split up offense and defense positions to always be prepared where the ball might end up.

  • Luke Atkinson #19 dribbles the soccer ball away from Foothill, closer to the goal.

  • Brady Judson #21 and Foothill’s goalie shake hands after a fair game.