Junior Prom: everything you need to know


Jamilla Zuniga

Tickets are on sale and in order to get a ticket you need to obtain a signature from the librarian and turn in a permission slip. You can pay with cash, card, or a check.

Katy Clark, AVT Editor

Open to all members of the class of 2023, Junior Prom will be held on March 5. The venue of this event is Lake Chalet, a waterfront restaurant in Oakland with dock access out back, and a dining hall and dance floor inside.

“We started planning prom shortly after semester two started, and I would say it has been a challenging task since COVID protocols were changing almost every week. However, we were able to come up with solutions, and successfully plan our Prom,” said Junior Vice President Mark Attia (‘23).

The theme for this year’s prom is A Night in Italy. Reflecting the atmosphere of Lake Chalet, this theme gives attendees a chance to style their outfits based off of it and be transported into the magical atmosphere of Venice, Italy.

“At the venue, there is a gondola service that gave Venice vibes, so we decided to base our theme, A Night in Italy, around that,” said Junior Class Secretary and Treasurer Emma Baer(‘23).

Vice Principal Athena Duran sent out an email on February 1st, providing information about where and when to buy tickets, rules and regulations for the event, and a permission slip to turn into the office. This form is necessary for attendance and is in place for liability reasons to help ensure the safety of the student body.

“I realize that the Junior Prom is an important and exciting event, and at the same time, I agree that one’s own safety is of the utmost importance. Therefore, I agree not to use drugs and alcohol prior to, during, or after the Junior Prom,” said the student safety commitment on the Junior Prom Agreement slip.

In relation to COVID-19 precautions, vaccinations are not required but will allow students to have access to a greater array of amenities at the venue.

Students have to be vaccinated to access the inside portion of the venue which includes the dining and dance room. However, if a student is unvaccinated they are still able to access the dock and seating areas outside which will have food and music as well,” said Baer.

Students will also have to take a bus to and from the lake where an ID check will be required. Attendees and their guests must be dropped off at Amador’s campus where the buses will be loading from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.

“Your prom ticket gets you transportation to prom, dining options, and music. Overall, it covers the expenses for the venue and the planner. The bus is district policy for liability reasons,” said Baer.

Tickets can be bought in the Student Activities office through Friday, February 25. Prices will increase each week and tickets will not be sold during the week prior to prom.