National School Counseling Week honors Amador counselors


Jamilla Zuniga

Focusing on the unique skillset of school counselors, National School Counseling Week is organized every year by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA).

Celebrated during the first full week of February, National School Counseling Week seeks to direct public attention to the hard work and contribution of U.S. school counselors. 

This year’s theme is “School Counseling: Better Together.” Each day of the week is dedicated to a different aspect of how school counselors better students, administrators, and the greater community. 

Other activities done during the week include an online photo challenge and daily webinars. These webinars feature decorated counselors—with many titled “Counselor of the year”—from around the country. 

At Amador, counselors do a wide variety of activities in order to guide and support students. Whether it’s arranging a schedule change or setting up college application workshops, the counselors are always prepared to help students achieve success. 

The celebrations lasted a week and each day had a different theme. (Jamilla Zuniga)

“When I wanted to switch from Calc BC to Calc AB, I emailed my counselors and got switched out the next day. I even emailed them about switching my AP test and they fixed it for me within twenty minutes. It was really helpful,” said Evan Tian (‘23)

The Amador counselors also aid students with college and career choices. 

“I received a lot of advice from the counselors that has helped me better determine what I want to do with my schedule and career,” said Aviana Easterday (‘23)

This week of celebration is recognized by many as well-deserved. 

“I appreciate how much the counselors look out for us and help us. My counselor, Ms. Bell, has answered so many of my questions about school and college and has eased my nerves a lot about many different things. The counselors are some of the most hardworking people at our school, and I really appreciate that,” said Simran Pandey (‘23).