Update on Amador Wrestling


Soumya Rangan

AV wrestlers have had many triumphs throughout a season full of COVID and setbacks.

Thomas Kim, AVT Editor

Amador’s wrestling team has been training vigorously throughout Winter amidst many obstacles, and they are looking to finish the season strong with EBALS and NCS coming up on their radar.

We are still rolling strong and looking forward to our individual postseason. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t make it for the duals postseason, but all individual achievements from all wrestlers will still benefit the team as a whole one way or another,” said wrestler Ali Ulusu (‘23).

Although the team hasn’t achieved all the outcomes they have been aiming for, their work ethic is undeniable. 

“We have been wrestling well but not where we want to be. I have a record of I think 14-8, so that’s not too bad at all,” said wrestler Andrew Johnson (‘23).

Unfortunately, high schools aren’t the only opponents they have been facing. Covid has been an issue for many high school sports, but the team is making the most out of their situation.

“We’ve had many notable tournaments canceled like the Mission High Tournament in Fremont, but we’re still holding it down for postseason and hoping the EBAL and NCS tournaments don’t get canceled,” said Ulusu.

Every match on the mat has an impact on the team. The mental aspect serves a great purpose moving towards the end of the season, as the physical toll of wrestling is adding up.

“Our victory against Dublin High in our home mat last Monday was one of the most notable and proudest victories for the team. We wrestled hard that day, and it set a precedent of how we should be performing against all the schools we go against,” said Ulusu.

The wrestlers are looking to continue their momentum towards the postseason playoffs and finish the season on a high note.

“We are looking to win league and have some of our wrestlers place in NCS,” said Johnson.