Lights Around Pleasanton

Jamilla Zuniga, Sarah Yang, and Paola Reynaga

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  • A holiday attraction for kids and adults alike, Widmer World is a dazzling, festive display set around a local house.

  • Brightened with hundreds of lights, the front yard provides a warm welcome to visitors.

  • A collection of Mickey and his friends, spreading even more happiness during the holidays.

  • Through the entrance, a tarp-covered pathway guides onlookers through an introductory tent laden with dolls, lights, and colorful trinkets.

  • A pathway through Widmer World leads to a tall palm tree filled with dashing lights, right in his backyard.

  • Sprawling miniature displays recreate familiar holiday scenes—here, a snowy town settles in for an evening rest.

  • Greetings from the snowmen! The collection of snowmen adds a smile to everyone’s face.

  • Devon Dave’s has a wishing pond for your Christmas wishes. It’s filled with coins and decorated with bright lights.

  • Viewers are then led into the backyard, where the Widmer family has built numerous holiday-themed structures and displays.

  • As you enter Deacon Dave’s, a 25 ft Ferris wheel sits in front of you. A huge bush covered with lights sits behind it.

  • As visitors leave, they sign the guest book, leaving compliments and holiday wishes.