Behind the scenes of Amador Girls Soccer


Elyssa Lieu

Brooklyn Harmon (’25) bringing the ball down the field trying to get past the defense.

Parker Brown, Staff Writer

The Amador Girls Soccer Program is a place where student athletes can build lasting friendships and continue their passion for soccer. The great environment and coaching staff makes the season greatly anticipated for every winter. 

“Everyone was so welcoming and after a few practices. I was able to become close with all the players and it is now something I look forward to every winter,” said Brooke Walker (‘23).

The Amador Girls Varsity team practices four times a week for an hour and thirty minutes, and in those practices, it consists of hard work and dedication. They begin their training with a warm-up to stretch out their muscles and get small touches on the ball for about fifteen minutes.

“Stretching is really important for us because we are at the age where we are very injury-prone and it really helps us prevent this from happening,” said Devyn Hasty (‘23).

Small-sided games, shooting drills, passing drills, and possession are a few of the many main focuses Coach Dave and Grant like to focus on in preparation for the girls’ upcoming games.

“Majority of the practices we work on different possession games, one in particular that I like is called Alligator Alley…it is really beneficial because it challenges the defenders to work together in a ‘man down’ situation which is very realistic during the game,” said Ava Hofstede (‘23).

Team bonding is an important, but sometimes overlooked, aspect of the game. The girls try to organize team dinners to build a strong connection off the soccer field. 

“Team bonding is super important because it helps to bring the whole team together so everyone is connected and that translates onto the field because everyone knows how each other plays and works,” said Emma Fuller (‘23).

The 2021 Girls Varsity Soccer team has big ambitions. Their main goal this year is to push each other every day to get the best out of themselves but to still have fun and make lasting memories. 

“A team goal that we have is to work together especially since we haven’t played with each other since last year, and playing in a new environment will also help better prepare us for college soccer,” said Walker.

With the craziness of club soccer, a high school is a place for the girls to take a load off and play a sport they genuinely love. The competitiveness and stress that comes from their other teams is now forgotten when on the Amador field. 

“I really enjoy high school soccer because it is good to be able to take a break from club season and have a less competitive atmosphere and hang out with friends,” said Elizabeth Fineberg (‘23).