Creatures of Impulse: Holiday Shorts


Matthew Carter

Creatures of Impulse takes the stage with winter-themed improv.

The Creatures of Impulse student improv troupe performed Holiday Shorts on December 2nd and 3rd, 2021, at the Firehouse Arts Center.

“This was my first time being in Holiday Shorts, and it was such a blast. I learned so much about how to shape a story around an audience,” said Sahana Kumar (‘22)

The first half was ten scenes in succession, supplemented by different games, actors, audience suggestions, and laughter.

“Not only were our shows hilarious, but we had so much freedom with it. We got to perform both short-form games that are akin to SNL sketches, and long-form stories, like an improvised play. That variation was so fun for both the audience and the troupe,” said Kumar.

The long-form story was built around an audience-favorite skit out of the ten from the first half. The winning short was about friends torn over the building of a snowman and a budding love triangle. 

“Improv is really impressive. I don’t know if I’d be able to think on my toes like that, especially making an entire audience laugh.” said Evan Kent (‘22).

The troupe is composed of incredibly witty and kind students who do a wonderful job embodying the heart of improv.

“I’ve been in Creatures of Impulse since my sophomore year and have been doing improv since middle school. When I discovered improv, where I could grow my storytelling and comedic abilities, I just couldn’t go back. As a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at colleges with a strong improv troupe so I can continue on past high school,” said Kumar

For members, Creatures of Impulse has a deeper meaning than skits and laughter. In light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, a sense of community remains as necessary and valuable as ever.

“The troupe’s greatest strengths are that we are constantly encouraged to listen to and support each other both on and off the stage. Creatures of Impulse has created this remarkable community of people that I feel I can truly be myself around. We are there for each other and can be real when it’s needed and I feel like that presence is so minuscule for Gen Z’ers,” said Kumar.

Every actor and support member was incredibly kind from the moment they opened the doors.

“Creatures of Impulse is made up of such nice students. Right when we walked in they were so welcoming and helpful. Since it was our first time, some direction was needed, and they were all happy to help,” said Kent.

In Holiday Shorts, unique plots included poisonous eggnog, a handless woman with a good heart, competing acupuncture and dental companies, and someone named Germain repeatedly dressing a man in an ugly Christmas sweater.

“Germain was hilarious, everybody was laughing. I think everyone’s favorite was the snowman friendship one, though. The whole audience was still invested after the show,” said Kent.

You can never know what to expect.

“My favorite moment in the show was in our Thursday show where the suggestion for the long form play was ‘muppet syrup,’” said Kumar

It is always a new experience. Different cast members and audiences take shows in completely unprecedented directions

“None of us remotely knew how we were going to make an entire story around muppet syrup, but when an improviser in the first scene decided to put some on pancakes, I screamed backstage like a muppet hiding in the syrup. It makes absolutely no sense, and it was just one of those moments that I doubt anyone else can ever experience. Like, how many people are going to be able to say they saw a ‘muppet syrup’ show?” said Kumar.

Creatures of Impulse will perform again in February in Face-Off at the Firehouse Arts Center.