Where are fall athletes now?


Matt Carter

Cross Country runners have to stay in shape even after the season ends because many participate in track & field as well.

While Amador’s Fall sports seasons have come to end, athletes must keep training to maintain their skills, strength, and be ready for the coming year.


Some athletes keep up a rigorous routine through the season and after it ends. Finding personal coaches and places to play is an important way some athletes stay ready for the next year’s season.

Sarah Yang

“I practiced three times a week, three hours each time. I really worked on my serves. Also, I practiced with coach Don Anger (past boys JV tennis coach) at his house. I used to go to Tompkins twice a week which helped me hit consistently” said Hanna Min (‘22)

Cross country

Other athletes prepare for sports in the spring, such as track and field and baseball. Many cross country runners take a short break to rest their muscles, then start running again to prepare for track and field.

“I rest for 2 weeks then start preseason for track. I start slow, like easy minutes, and then build up during preseason all the way until preseason ends so I’m ready for track,” said Ronit Mehta (‘23).

School team to club

No two athletes are the same. Depending on their sport, physical shape, and mental shape, every athlete works on a different timeline.

Imogen Rogers

“One week after our last game, most girls were already going to club practices while we were still in season, but I think I need more time to recharge between seasons. It is a mental and physical battle so it is very taxing to be a student athlete and juggle everything,” said Ella Hodges (‘22).

Oftentimes, athletes feel clubs have a different feel than school organizations. Team dynamics vary between clubs, but they usually have fewer practices than school teams.

“School season is every day and play after play. You have a tighter bond with the girls in my opinion because you see them much more. Club season is traveling and practicing twice a week and playing maybe one tournament per month,” said Hodges.

Fall athletes don’t quit after their season. To have another successful season the next year, they make sure they keep training harder and harder so they keep improving.

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  • After a winning and successful season, the girls tennis team still continues to practice throughout the year, through tournaments, clinics, clubs, and private coaches.

  • Golf players understand that practicing requires a year-long commitment. Now, many are having their own competitions among friends.

  • Football requires much physical exertion, resulting in football players working on weightlifting off season.

  • Water Polo players need a lot of practice to keep up with their sport’s high physical demands.

  • Many people in color guard need to continue their flag and rifle exercises. However, many do not stop after their season and continue to winter guard.