Dressing with the Dons


Ritika Ghosh and Julianna Diwa

It’s no doubt that Dons have amazing style. Fashion and clothing, everything from pajama pants to Doc Martins, is a huge part of what makes you, you. Dressing with the Dons is a podcast where we, Ritika and Julianna, debunk the latest fashion here at Amador, making it easy for you to know what’s going on around campus. Every month we have a conversation with Dons who we feel are expressing themselves through their clothes, whether they’re hopping on the fashion bandwagon or completely unique. Your identity is expressed through how you dress and present yourself, so Dressing with the Dons is here to ask you the big question: How does your style reflect your identity?



Social Media’s Influence on Fashion

This month on Dressing with the Dons, we explore the unexpected silver lining of the pandemic: Tiktok and how social media influences fashion. We all went through the pandemic at different points in our life, but regardless of age, there’s one thing all Dons have in common: that the pandemic helped us truly discover ourselves. We spoke to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, about how their sense of style has changed post-pandemic, for the better or worse.

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Sweater Weather at Amador

This month, we discussed all things winter with some of the best-dressed Dons: from Christmas wish lists to ugly sweaters, we got the full run-down on how Amador is dressing this holiday season. We spoke to senior Julia Buteau about how to bundle up in style and talked winter trends with sophomore Samaira Mehta.

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New Year, New Fashion

This month on Dressing with the Dons, we tackled Arc’teryx, balaclavas, and other trendy items we think Dons will be wearing all of 2022. We spoke to juniors Chirag Pandey and Ava Albright about New Year’s fits, the benefits of thrifting, and how fashion is changing.

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Groutfits and Galentines

This month on Dressing With the Dons we take on V-Day outfits, color-blocked clothes, and feminized fashion. We spoke to freshmen Janaki Rakesh and Mihika Deshmukh, as well as senior Hanna Min, about how they’re preparing their closets for spring.

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