COVID vaccinations have opened up to kids 5-11


Soumya Rangan

The best way to beat the spread of COVID is to get vaccinated.

Soumya Rangan, Photo EIC

The CDC has approved the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11 as of November 2nd, 2021. As most schools around the country have opened up, the risk of infection for younger kids in elementary and middle schools has decreased because kids have the option to get the vaccine. 

“I think it’s great because children of that age can’t always understand the importance of wearing a mask, and don’t even fully understand what a pandemic is, and how much a virus like that can disrupt one’s life,” said Riddhi Datta (‘22). 

The fight against COVID is still very real. Most counties are still seeing high levels of transmission and deaths, and the way to fight it is to introduce vaccines to kids.

“My dad especially was always hesitant to let [my little sister] go with us to family gatherings or public settings, but now that she’s been vaccinated, we don’t have to worry as much because we know that she’s at least more protected,” said Y-Duyen Nguyen (‘23). 

The vaccine is especially effective for kids who are in high-risk groups, such as those who are predisposed, and currently have limitations such as asthma, and diabetes. 

“[My brother is] going to be getting his vaccine [soon], and he has asthma, so for him, he is definitely in a high-risk group… he really does struggle with asthma, and we didn’t want anything to happen to him if he had gotten COVID,” said Datta. 

In addition to the introduction of the vaccine to children, the introduction of the booster shot has helped reinforce the previous vaccines for many adults. As of November 23rd, 36 million fully vaccinated people have also received the booster shot. 

“I have not contracted COVID-19 since getting the vaccine, so I think the booster should be helpful, and we should all just play our parts and get the booster dose,” said Datta. 

The booster shot is available for everyone above the age of 18, and as the immunization levels increase in the US, we should see decreases in the overall COVID cases around the country.