Girls’ Golf represented by Jaclyn LaHa at State Championships


Jaclyn LaHa

Jaclyn LaHa represented Amador at the Northern California Regional Championships with positivity and confidence.

Amador’s 2021 girl’s golf’s final match was played by Jaclyn LaHa (‘23) after an all-around successful season. 

“I was really happy with how I finished in the EBAL, NCS, and NorCal Championships because I got first individually for those events. It was just me at state because the whole team didn’t qualify, but I still had my team wish me luck,” said LaHa.

The NorCal Championships were an exciting goal-turned-accomplishment for the team. It truly displayed the tight-knit community of the girl’s golf team, as they succeeded as a group together.

“It was a great experience and so much fun to have a postseason after not getting one last year. The whole team made it to NorCal this year because we got second in NCS. I loved seeing the competition get tougher going through the different stages,” said LaHa.

States sealed Amador’s excellent season. Despite the outcome, even making it to states was a daunting task that Laha overcame with the support of her team. 

“I would have liked to finish the season better but I think it was a good tournament with great competitors who I usually see in the other tournaments I play in,” said LaHa.

Every team faces its challenges. This season, consistency and courses turned out to be major obstacles that shaped the team’s identity. 

“Throughout the season we had some very good matches and some tough matches but we still all had a great time. NorCal was tough for the team this year because the course was longer than what we usually play, and it can be very challenging figuring out how to get the par better,” said LaHa.

Oftentimes, however, obstacles translate to accomplishments, as the team persevered through setbacks and unfortunate events.

“We went into NCS one player down, playing with just five people while the other teams had six. This gave them a safety person, while all five of our scores counted. We knew it was going to be tough because we have a strong league and there were some great teams playing,” LaHa.

At times, obstacles and setbacks are needed to display the true identity and resilience of teams. The girl’s golf team used that pressure to their advantage, cultivating memorable highlights. 

“Our team ended up getting second beating Carondolet who was the best team in our league, almost undefeated. We were able to display our team’s great playing and make it to NorCal. Our coach was really proud of us which made our team feel really happy with ourselves,” said LaHa.