Photo Album: Football over the season

Jiawen (Sarah) Yan, Staff Writer

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  • Football players smile for the camera after a good match.

  • Caught in a crush, two Amador players hold back a rival player from running.

  • An Amador player catches the football with lightning-quick reflexes.

  • An Amador player prepares to throw the football.

  • The energy and focus players brought to the field was felt throughout each match.

  • An Amador player prepares to sprint with the ball tucked under his arm.

  • The football team looks at the camera for a team photo.

  • An Amador student prepares to sprint as players chase him.

  • Two football players wrestle one another.

  • Rival players dive in an attempt to capture the ball currently in possession of Amador.

  • An Amador player yells at the sky in triumph.

  • Amador players emerge from the dugout waving a flag to start the game.

  • Three football players walk off the field after a successful game.

  • A football player signals a play to his team members.

  • Four players pose for the camera.

  • The Amador football squad marches into the track full of spirit.

  • Two players grapple, attempting to stop each other from moving.

  • A rival player attempts to steal the football tucked underneath an Amador player’s arm.

  • The Amador team unites to clear the path as a runner dashes with the ball.

  • Four players smile with their coach in the middle.

  • Amador football jogs back after their warmup sprint across the field.

  • The varsity football marches onto the track.

  • With the Amador team’s season finally ending, players will have a chance to rest before coming back next season.

  • Monte Vista tries to steal the ball from Amador.

  • Players attempt to hold each other back as Amador runs with the ball.

  • Two football players tussle fiercely.

  • Two players high-five in a show of team spirit.

  • Amador football players grin at the camera, thankful for a great season.

  • Holding the ball, an Amador player prepares to run as a rival player chases.

  • An Amador player opens his hands, ready to run after receiving the ball.

  • Two football players look at the camera, geared up and ready to defend.

  • Aggressive plays were shown throughout the matches this season.

  • Coaches worked hard to support and drill players in their first run after COVID distancing.

  • A group of football players huddle in a crush, trying to win the game.

  • This year’s football squad numbered more than 20 talented athletes.