Adam Tout (’22) creates Alexa skill for Amador


Adam Tout

Adam Tout (’22) is a current senior at Amador who has developed many web projects.

Ever since the first Amazon Alexa was released in 2015, there have been many additions to the virtual assistant, especially with the introduction of Alexa skills. As of 2021, there are more than 100,000 Alexa skills, many of which are created by coders as side projects. 

Adam Tout (‘21), a senior here at Amador, created an Alexa skill that is connected with school events and other information.

 “The Amador High School Information skill on the Alexa … allows you to ask many questions like … [information about] the counselors, what the dress code [is], also about breaks, like Thanksgiving break,” said Tout.

Creating an Alexa skill requires certain designing and coding skills. According to the Alexa developer documentation site, there are certain steps that are essential, including meeting certain security, policy, and voice recognition requirements. Aspiring coders, like Tout, needed to learn a new computer language, and understand the intricacies of creating a voice recognition software.  

“I personally learned to program at APCS class in Amador, and I furthered my knowledge after then, by taking some courses on Udemy and Coursera,” said Tout. 

There are many reasons why people would create Alexa skills, many of which include furthering one’s own knowledge and understanding of coding. Some make it for the fun of it, and other reasons for leisure. 

“My dad at the time worked at Amazon, so I thought building an Alexa skill would be kind of cool, to his job,” said Tout.  

Working on Alexa skills builds experience and problem solving, both of which are essential for the future with computer science. 

“Coding is basically solving a bunch of problems, and the more you solve problems, the better you get at them,” said Tout.

Whether it was for a project, an accomplishment, or just for fun, it’s undeniable that Tout has created a helpful Alexa skill for all students, parents, and teachers who have an Alexa and need questions answered about Amador Valley High School.