Dining With the Dons: All about pumpkin

Seasonal desserts all around Pleasanton

As fall dawns throughout Pleasanton, downtown shops and bakeries alike are breaking out their seasonal pumpkin-themed desserts.

Inklings’ pumpkin oat latte is a perfect fall delight full of traditional autumn flavors. (Sarah Yang)

Inklings’ Pumpkin Oat Latte 

Known for their rich coffees and unique lattes like the lavender latte, Inklings has recently brought out their pumpkin oat latte. This special latte mixes creamy oats with the sweetness of pumpkin and cinnamon. 

“My favorite thing from Inklings is their caramel bourbon latte. I really like the shop because of their really nice ambience, as well as the great selection of books that they have in their library. Also, they sell great pastries,” said Hrishikesh Hari (‘22).  

Primrose Bakery’s Pumpkin Creme Cake

Primrose Bakery currently features a variety of pumpkin-themed desserts—including their pumpkin creme cake. (Jamilla Zuniga)

Primrose Bakery has long been heralded as Pleasanton’s paradise of sweets. Not only do they sell many different kinds of cakes and cookies, but during the fall season, the entire store is filled with Halloween-themed pastries. 

These pastries include Halloween-decorated cupcakes, sugar cookies, and their large and small pumpkin creme cakes. 

“I got a chocolate cupcake; it was good. The store smells really good, and it’s small and cute,” said Avi Arora (‘24)

Almare’s Pumpkin Pie Gelato

Almare’s pumpkin pie gelato is a seasonal special with pumpkin pie crumbs. (Jamilla Zuniga)

For ice cream fanatics, Almare Gelato has recently released their pumpkin pie flavor—an ice cream complete with pumpkin pie crumbs. Of course, the new flavor is far from the only specialty the gelato place has to offer. Their regular flavors range from pistachio to espresso to stracciatella. 

“I like the variety of flavors they have! Even their non-dairy flavors have great quality and taste. It’s also in a really pretty location—at night, the lights go off and the ambience is cool,” said Sara Vannoni (‘23)

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew + Pumpkin Loaf

Starbucks’ pumpkin loaf provides a cozy balance to its pumpkin cream cold brew. (Sarah Yang)

Though Starbucks is best known for their seasonal pumpkin spice, the coffee chain offers a variety of other pumpkin foods—including the pumpkin cream cold brew and pumpkin loaf. 

“At Starbucks, I usually get hot chocolate and I have tried some of their pumpkin stuff. I think the pumpkin loaf is the best,” said Ishya Mukammala (‘23)