Movie Review: “Venom: Let There Be Carnage”


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The very embodiment of Marvel’s darker side, a villain named Carnage, stands as an example of her namesake: cruel, incomprehensible, and bloodthirsty to a fault.

Parth Mishra, AV Radio EIC

The story of Eddie Brock and his symbiote Venom continues in “In Venom: Let There Be Carnage,” the long awaited sequel to Venom (2018). After critics flamed the first movie, Marvel forged the core of this sequel off of their criticism. This sequel enhances all of the original’s positives but replaces its downsides with thrilling action. 


Fans can gain an informative perspective on the decades-long enigma, Eddie Brock, who is the host to Venom. Marvel humanizes Venom, a villain whose bloody past is culled with good humor and errant confusion on his own morality.

Mayhem ensues as Kletus Kasidy becomes host to his own symbiote, Carnage. Kletus Kasidy is a notorious serial killer, but a humorous, charming, and a love-struck villain, whose dark past garners sympathy from fans around the globe.

Pros & Cons

Although this movie still suffers from a plethora of cliches, it learns from the mistakes made by its predecessor. 

The story about a man rising from the bottom with friends by his side may seem like a comfortable niche Marvel tends to overuse. Yet, the well-paced character development gives an in-depth perspective on the behavior of heroes and antagonists, one of the key components the first Venom lacked.

Directors hesitantly used humor to lighten the dark themes surrounding the first movie. However, it unexpectedly proved to be one of the shining points, so the sequel isn’t without its own crude humor as well.

Marvel also addressed the first movie’s rushed beginning, which tried – and failed – to sum up Brock’s backstory in a matter of ten minutes. On the other hand, Venom 2 takes its time. Tension and disorder builds up and never resolves itself, even at the movie’s conclusion. 

Final thoughts

Overall, Venom: Let There Be Carnage is a solid sequel to a rather disappointing start to Venom’s story. Fans are always looking forward to the anti-hero’s story continuing onto different paths, one of them possibly leading him into the world of his archenemy turned uneasy ally, Spiderman