The American Dream in a Chip 

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Pepperocino Kettle Chips are most recommended, with Tostitos and Veggie Straws coming in behind.

Tegan Morrison, Guest Writer

A simple bag of soft, yet crunchy, chips that can make a day better can be ruined by one flaw. From the puff of gross moldy air a bag of chips can let out when you open the brand-new bag, to the worst taste that chip could leave lingering in your mouth could destroy your appetite for the rest of the day. 

When someone grabs a bag of Veggie Straws, they’re expecting slightly salty sticks of greatness.  Yet why does this new brand of Veggie Straws leave a lingering aftertaste of old cheese?  These new Ranch Veggie Straws missed several marks, with the lingering aftertaste of old cheese to the feeling it leaves behind in your mouth.  Yet, from everything that’s disgusting with this chip, the greatest thing about them was the crunch.  Very overjoyed to see that even though the flavor can be terrible, Veggie Straws will always make the chip have a satisfying crunch. Anywho, the Ranch Veggie Straws is about a 4.5/10 bag of chips. I personally would never buy these again, but if you enjoy ranch and ranch-flavored things, then this is the bag of chips for you!

Ranch Veggie Straws:

Now time for the next chip in today’s review, this is Hint of Guacamole Tostitos.  This bag of chips was no different from the original bag of Tostitos chips. There’s nothing special about these chips at all, you couldn’t taste the guacamole even if you tried. Tostitos just slapped some green dust on the chips and called it guacamole. The chip does have a soft but firmish crunch to it, it wasn’t so crunchy it could cut your mouth, but so soft it tasted soggy after being in the mouth for a second of chewing.  If chip companies actually gave us the flavor they’re advertising, chips today would be so fantastic, but there’s chips like this one where all they taste like is the original chip that has already been made. Overall, Hint of Guacamole Tostitos would be a 5/10 chip because the flavor and aftertaste it gave didn’t disappoint, the only thing that was disappointing was that there was not any guacamole taste in sight. 

Hint of Guacamole Tostitos:

For the last one of today’s reviews, don’t walk but run to the nearest Walmart to buy this bag of chips. Pepperoncini Kettle chips are a bit on the spicy side, not a bad spice but a spice that anyone could tolerate. It’s not the sort of spice that you would get the spice sweats from, but a sweet spice where it still has a tang to it.  If you’re a person who despises really spicy things, but doesn’t wanna look like a baby in front of your friends, this is the type of chip for you. In closing, Pepperoncini Kettle chips would be a 9.5/10, they had a wonderful crunch and a great taste but the aftertaste is kinda meh, but all in all it’s a very good bag of chips to snack on. 

Pepperoncini Kettle Chips:

In conclusion, out of all 3 of the chips that were reviewed, Pepperoncini Kettle Chips would be a 10/10 buy for anyone in my opinion. If you are a ranch type of person then buy the Ranch veggie straws if you like plain tortilla chips with green dust on them, then buy the Hint of Guacamole Tostitos, it all comes down to what your taste buds enjoy. 

This review is written by Tegan Morrison. You can find our related article here.