AVtv 9-9-2021

Senyi Yang, AVtv Producer

Today is our fourth show of the year and we have some important announcements about the PSAT, Senior Ads, and upcoming dates and events. 

We also have 2 great segments today:

  1. New Solutions to Parking Nightmares  
  2. AV for You: Checking out the Wellness Center 

We also have 3 great News Briefs today about clubs lacking advisors, sophomore Samaira Mehta’s sustainable fashion brand, and three Amador students who won the 2021 Babe Ruth World Series. 

We hope you enjoy the show.


Here are the emails, links, & bit.ly’s you’ll see in today’s show:

SAT registration: www.TotalRegistration.net/PSAT/052495

Questions on the PSAT: [email protected] 

Vote for PUSD’s board member: pusdedu.info/sb2122

Auditions for the fall play: [email protected].

Senior Ads: yearbookordercenter.com (school code: 7188) 

AV TUPE Club: bit.ly/AVTUPE