Movie Review: Jungle Cruise


Imogen Rogers

Jungle Cruise released July 30, 2021.

Craving another adventure-packed film on the big screen? Jungle Cruise with stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Emily Blunt light up the screen in the new hit movie. This motion picture is rated PG-13, making it a fun movie to go see with friends and family.

The Jungle Cruise movie is based off of the fan favorite ride at Disneyland. The film revolves around protagonist Lily Houghton, the curious scientist who will go to any length to get what she wants. In this case, she is after the Tree of Life, which holds the desirable healing petal. In order to get there, she drags along her preppy brother and befriends Frank Wolff, a spontaneous and unreliable captain. They embark on a journey filled with beautiful forest sights, mythological creatures and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Although Jungle Cruise is appealing to the eye with its amazing vibrancy and quality motion picture, it has some downsides. 

First off, I found myself falling asleep multiple times. Some of the scenes go by so slowly that it’s hard for me to keep my attention on the screen. 

The second downside was that it fell short when trying to show the actual Jungle Cruise attraction. There were only one or two scenes that captured the essence of the ride; Frank’s job before he left on his journey with Lily was one, but other than that, the movie went in a whole different direction, leaving the ride’s setting and storyline all together.

All in all, Jungle Cruise a great movie for a good laugh, but not necessarily a movie to put on your “must-see” list.