Senior Movie Night: May 6th

Shuchi Parikh, Staff Writer

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  • The Senior Movie Night is kicked off with a game led by the senior class officers and played by the Don Squad. The Don Squad members have to guess the song and artist playing.

  • The next activity is a partner game played by Don Squad members where the teams have to throw a water balloon to each other without dropping it.

  • The Don Squad ends the round of activities before the movie with a final game and shows off some school spirit in their Amador merchandise.

  • The movie begins and groups of up to four students sit on socially distanced picnic blankets with a basket of snacks provided by the event organizers.

  • The picnic blankets are spread out across the football field and students are careful to wear masks while watching the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

  • As the evening goes on and the temperature drops, students wear blankets that they brought to the event and lie down as they enjoy the movie.

  • Here, three students lie backward and cover everything but their feet in a blanket as they try to fight off the cold while watching the movie.

  • Once the movie ends, students clean up their respective blankets and leave the football field as teacher supervisors stay behind.