Taylor Swift re-recorded her songs/albums


Imogen Rogers

Fans are incredibly thankful for the re-releases courtesy of Taylor.

Taylor Swift released the re-recorded rendition of her 2008 album “Fearless” on April 9, 2021, titled “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

“Taylor re-recorded the first six out of her nine total albums due to her old label Big Machine Records selling the rights to Scooter Braun without her permission,” said Hannah Rohr (‘22).

Braun had prohibited the artist from performing her music on her own terms, and when Swift asked to buy the rights to her songs, she was refused. Braun would only sell them back to her if she agreed to not publicize the fact that he took advantage of owning rights.

“The re-recorded album exceeded Taylor‘s fans expectations. She improved on the vocals and production of each song and also included six unreleased songs written in 2008. The reaction from fans has been unprecedentedly good,” said Rohr.

Whether one considers themselves a “Swiftie” or not, it is impossible to ignore the work she puts in.

“I think that she has gone above and beyond in the last year. It tells us a lot about her work ethic that in the time span we were all stuck at home, she managed two write two amazing albums as well as re-record,” said Sarah Carter (‘22).

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” is a meaningful event in music for her fanbase.

“She has spoken a lot about how she really did it all for the fans because she knows how many people turn to music when they’re down, and she wanted to be there to support them. I think one reason her music is so meaningful is because she started writing music at such a young age, so many people feel like they have grown up with her,” said Carter.

The already-beloved 2008 “Fearless” album may have been shown-up by its 2021 edition.

“I love her new re-recorded music. I think her voice has evolved over time and it really makes any genre sound amazing, considering she was 18 and a country singer when she first recorded the album and is now 31, having taken part in both the pop and indie scenes,” said Rohr.

Over the course of 15 years, Taylor has grown up alongside an entire generation of girls, writing a massive amount of her own work in comparison to the majority of the music industry today.

“Taylor has put an album out for every season of hundreds of thousands of peoples lives,” said Carter.