PUSD’s Green Team creates One Small Act for Earth Day 2021


PUSD Green Team

The Green Team challenges anyone in Pleasanton to do one small thing to help the environment.

Leila Touati, Senior Editor

To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, Pleasanton United School District’s Green Team created One Small Act, an activity for anyone who wants to aid the environment by doing a small thing that gives back to our beloved planet.

The Green Team, a PUSD linked organization, has teams all over Pleasanton schools. These Green Teams are committed to helping the environment in small ways that add up to big impacts. For example, Amador’s Green Team and the Local Leaders club brainstormed recycle and compost bins to be placed all over Amador High School for students to sort their trash, ultimately reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

The One Small Act challenge requires doing one supportive act for the environment, submitting through this form, then challenging three other people to participate in the activity. 

“My small act is replanting some of the plants that I have in my yard. I’ve been propagating my succulent leaves and I have some baby succulents coming in, so I’m going to plant those instead of plants that died during the winter,” said Sahana Kumar (‘22), a member of PUSD’s Green Team.

Even during a pandemic, the Pleasanton community will continue to thrive on challenges like these, and organizations focused on environmentalism such as the Green Team and the GO Green Initiative are a huge part in such steps. The Green Team also filmed a video highlighting great ways to participate in their One Small Act challenge.

“The thing that’s kind of oxymoronic about the statement ‘one small thing’ is that you can do one small thing and if you commit to it, it can become part of your everyday routine and you can be making a huge difference. [Hopefully One Small Act] can be a stepping stone to changing the really big problems,” said Kumar.