More details on Senior Grad Night are announced!

Shuchi Parikh, Staff Writer

The AV Senior Parent Group has planned a fun-filled Grad Night for graduating seniors that will take place on Saturday, May 29th from 5:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M.

The 2021 Grad Night will include food, snacks, and a variety of games for seniors to play. The Senior Parent Group worked hard to replicate a number of fun party games in a safe environment that allows seniors to celebrate their graduation.

“There will be many large inflatable games such as obstacle courses and human foosball as well as many smaller interactive games like ping pong, corn hole, blackjack etc. Movies will be played throughout the event on giant LCD screens. There will also be many ongoing opportunities for students to play games to win fun prizes as well as a raffle at the end of the night” said Senior Grad Night Organizer, Marie Stapleton.

While the numerous activities definitely make the evening sound memorable, the organizers have also been careful to follow pandemic safety guidelines in order to ensure that this event is possible and students feel safe.

“All students and volunteers will have their temperatures will be checked and nobody will be allowed to enter without a mask. Mask must be worn at all times except when eating. Students will be segregated into groups, with no group exceeding the allowed health department guidelines,” said Stapleton.

The strict safety protocols have made several students feel comfortable with attending the event. The recent expansion of COVID-19 vaccines to 16-year-olds and older will also enable most students to be vaccinated and ready to attend.

“I feel safe attending an outdoor event because Amador will be following CA Health Department guidelines. Everyone will be wearing masks, their temperatures will be checked, and there will be sanitizer stations available,” said Archita Mandal (‘21).

Due to the hybrid learning model at Amador, many students have been unable to see some if not any of their classmates in person for more than a year. This event gives seniors a final chance to catch up with classmates they have not met in a while.

“Due to heavy COVID-19 restrictions at the beginning of the year, I want to participate in any and all events offered towards the end of the year to make the most of my senior year. I am also excited to see my friends and classmates, as I am not in hybrid, I believe this will be a good opportunity to say hello and goodbye to them before we all leave for college,” said Maitreyi Dudwadkar (‘21).

Although the Senior Parents have done an excellent job at planning a fun but safe evening, there are bound to be changes between this year’s Grad Night and previous years as a result of the pandemic. One of these changes is the student capacity limit.

“Because of COVID restrictions and CA Health Dept guidelines there is a maximum number of students that can be admitted and all tickets must be purchased in advance. So get your tickets asap, they are almost sold out,” said Stapleton.

For some seniors, this event also serves as a way to remember their past four years in high school before they start a new chapter in their lives. A celebration like Grad Night is the perfect way to end one’s high school journey before this next chapter.

“At an event for seniors like Grad Night, I am most looking forward to seeing my fellow classmates and friends and celebrating the hard work we have put in over the last four years,” said Dudwadkar (‘21).