Fear of increase in Covid cases arises with spring break

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer

Spring Break has been approaching and the CDC has been concerned with the number of people that will be traveling this year knowing that it could increase Covid cases.

The disregard for the public health measure from spring breakers could cause Covid-29 spikes. 

“Everyone is concerned, and the University of Miami epidemiologists have projected a surge to emerge from that activity post-spring break,” he said. “They’re predicting a bump in the next couple of weeks,” said Adriana Rodriguez, USA Today. 

The CDC has advised that traveling could increase your chances of getting and or spreading COVID-19. The CDC has recommended that traveling be delayed and protect yourself and others at home. 

“We went to Hawaii because it felt like the safest place to travel since everyone that enters has to have a negative test. So I got tested before and then again after and both of my parents are vaccinated tomorrow,”  said Anonymous (‘21).

If people wish to travel the CDC has also recommended some steps you take before you go. Such as getting the vaccine. 

“We know that it’s possible for people who have been vaccinated to become infected and it may be possible for them to transmit the virus to others,” explains Dr. William Miller of The Ohio State University,” said NPR, KQED. 

Considering that there is still an ongoing risk of getting any infections, the risk can be lowered by getting vaccinated. There has been evidence that suggests that the transmission of the virus is lower after receiving the vaccine. 

“Over spring break I stayed in Pleasanton and just hung out around my house, hung out with a couple of friends, and played soccer.

I am not vaccinated but I plan on it in the next couple of months”, said Natalie O’Sullivan (’22).

There was a lot of travel during Spring Break. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) “screened 1,543,115 travelers at the US airpost March 21, its busiest day since March 13, 2020, the day the US declared the coronavirus pandemic a national emergency,” said Julia Thompson, USA Today. 

Now that a lot of people are traveling Covid cases are going up and this is exactly what the CDC feared.