Why the end of the pandemic is farther than we think


Arlina Yang

Before we can celebrate the end of the pandemic, here are some ways for people to stop the growth in coronavirus cases in not just the U.S but across the globe.

Arlina Yang, Junior Editor

No one can say for sure how life will go on as coronavirus never ceased to disappear from the news reports with an ever growing case number in the U.S. As vaccines started to be distributed across the states, variants of COVID-19 such as B.1.1.7 threatened to halt the progress that America has made since March of 2020 when schools first shut down. 

With increased vaccinations and Biden going as far to promise safety in celebrating July 4, I think the pandemic isn’t as close to ending as many hoped.

“I think everyone’s experience will be unique due to each of our individual circumstances there will be many positives and negatives. I do think many will feel a greater sense of gratitude in the things we used to feel were quite ordinary. I know that I will enjoy simple moments with much more appreciation,” said Ms. Gallo, French teacher.

If the pandemic being over means the time in 2019 — where masks weren’t a part of our daily lives — then it’s not ending anytime soon even with the increase in use of vaccines. 

As restrictions for protective measures are lifted for various states with a growing number of people traveling, the spread could be slowed by the vaccine but it’s not going to stop. Though I presume many would not only be happy but also somewhat hesitant towards returning to ‘normalcy’ after being in a pandemic for around a year. 

“I hope that school can return to how it normally was after the pandemic since everyone had their own share of difficulties during COVID-19. Everyone can once again find their rhythm and motivation in life as we move forward past this pandemic,” said Aleksei Yang (‘21).

When the pandemic ends for good in the future, I predict that many would choose to stay at their homes for a while and begin to travel or celebrate holidays as normal after people deem for themselves how safe the world is. Or specifically after almost everyone has received the vaccine, herd immunity is achieved, and the coronavirus case numbers stopped growing exponentially.