How quarantine has changed athletes’ relationships with sports


Leila Touati

Amador athletes had a greater appreciation for their sport once they returned to the field.

Leila Touati, Senior Editor

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses, schools, and our way of life hard. In that sense, athletics were also one of the many extracurriculars that evolved during quarantine, two stay-at-home orders, and online school. 

Amador students who specialize in sports, whether that be on their high school team or in a club from another town, have changed the way they view the sports they play in a new light. 

“I currently play water polo at Amador. My relationship to water polo has changed because I have had to adapt to playing without the competition of games. I have realized that I love the sport as an escape from regular life, even if all we can do is practice,” said Sophie Keegan (‘21).

Athletes that were forced to stop team sports during the pandemic felt a greater connection with their sport once they returned to play.

“I play softball with teams in Livermore and Pleasanton but we play teams from all over the Bay Area. This summer we could only do conditioning but now we can practice drills and play catch,” said Camille Borris (‘22).

Many games, practices, and even tryouts were postponed or cancelled from March 2020 to February 2021, and now that athletes are back on the field, they have a greater appreciation for what they’ve been missing for nearly a year. 

“This year has [made me think] that in a high school sport it is very important to prioritize having fun with your team, instead of pushing to win all the time. After all our games could get cancelled, but at least we enjoyed ourselves at practice,” said Keegan.

Amador athletes are thrilled to continue their sports in a safe and appreciative environment. 

“We practice with masks and social distance along with many other Covid-19 procedures. After this year I am more grateful for sports because I know they are a privilege. I am thankful that I can communicate with my teammates and participate in physical activity,” said Borris.