A a year of school in Covid: How are things different?

Kennedy Mayo, Senior Staff Writer

Students and Teachers have struggled throughout the year. So many things have changed in our lives from the way we go to school to the way we learn.

Its been over a year since teachers and students have been able to go back to school due to the virus. The way students have had to learn is through a computer screen which isn’t the same as in-class learning. The way teachers were teaching students has changed dramatically. But the biggest worry of educators is wondering how behind students will be when they return to school.

“I think we will be behind because we have been online for so long, the teaching has been so different. We haven’t had as many learning opportunities and classroom hours” said Hannah Loeffler (’21).

The isolation that students have been feeling for the past year has negatively affected them. Students cant get the same help as they usually would if we were back in school. This virus has changed the way we learn.

“I think the effectiveness of online learning is the in the hands of the students as much as the teachers because the students can study outside of class and have integrity while in class,” said Cristian Mayo (’23).

Online learning is giving schools a homeschool type of environment. Students are always at home and not as attentive. If they were at school they wouldn’t be in a homeschool environment and they would be more attentive. 

“I do not believe students will be held back due to online learning. I believe students will acquire additional skills that will be needed in life such as operating in a digital world, independence, higher learning agility, and the ability to focus on work during the day,” said Anonymous

Students have not been able to get that in-class learning with their teachers in over a year. Students not being able to do in-class learning has affected the way they learn and could have possibly held them back skill-wise. Luckily, this past Friday school is back in session!