The AV Spring Musical remains underway

While many forms of entertainment have had to halt in light of stay-at-home orders, Amador’s Spring Musical is still underway, though it looks a little different this time around.

“Instead of holding a live show, we’re making a movie and it is so much fun to perform on camera. We still get to dance on stage with the other cast members, and even though we can’t sing together due to COVID, it’s still really enjoyable,” said soloist Maggie Loll (‘21).

Means of production are not the only new aspect. 

“We wrote our own story and have been recording audio and filming it. It is titled ‘On Broadway’ and depicts a young girl who wants to go to New York and make it in the big lights of Broadway,” said Music Department Director Mark Aubel.

It’s not every year that a script is self-produced, which stands as a positive.

“My favorite part of this year’s production is that I was able to use my creativity more by writing the script to bring all the songs together in a story,” said Theater Director Lynn Kirksey.

The program has altered what it can to follow protocol.

“The students have done a super job making individual videos at home that we are going to put together.  To those, we will add filming that we have done in the Amador MP. The challenges are that we can’t be together to practice. Because singing spreads air particles more than just talking, what you will see on the movie screen is lip syncing” said Aubel.

Though they can enjoy in-person time, social distancing remains active.

“We have to stay six feet apart, which makes it difficult to choreograph the numbers and to make sure everyone is safe while also being close enough to look cohesive. It would be so much easier without all the precautions,” said Loll.

Still, change has not been a big setback for talent.

“It has been hard to sing the songs at home in front of their phone in a costume, but they are doing it and once their voices are all blended, it sounds great,” said Kirksey.

The students aren’t the only impressive production members.

“All the directors are working so hard to make this happen. Mr. Aubel and Mrs. Kirksey, as well as Mrs. Brekke and Mrs. Bielke-Loll have put in so much of their own time to work things out. I want to shout out to Mr. Loll as well for filming everything for us,” said Loll.

The directors have had to adjust in their own ways.

“My own challenge for theater this year is the lack of live performance. Doing scenes online is just not the same. I have shifted more study to film acting and directing,” said Kirksey.

The 2020-21 school year has been all about appreciating the small achievements. Now, something is always better than nothing.

“The students are loving the fact that they are getting to do some kind of a performance this year.  It is a much smaller group but the times we get together to rehearse are so valued and enjoyed,” said Kirksey.

The production has presented a cycle of challenging realities and positive outlooks.

“It’s strange, and it’s very different, but it’s still super rewarding,” said Loll.

“On Broadway” is yet another experience set to make the 2020-21 school year nothing short of unforgettable.

“Although it has been challenging, we are attempting something that has never been done at Amador. The finished product will be something that we remember forever,” said Aubel.