The internet rabbit hole and why we fall into it


Zachary Nicholas

The internet is full of interesting things to learn about.

Parth Mishra, Staff Writer

The internet is a place of limitless knowledge and countless opportunities. Sometimes, it leads us down paths that we don’t come back from for a long while.

This is what the general populace calls “falling into a rabbit hole”. The term comes from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, where Alice, a peasant girl, falls into a hole that seems to be an entrance to a rabbit’s abode, but instead lands in another realm where there’s no exit to her home.

There’s no escaping a rabbit hole, and if there is, it’s a long way off and requires an inner strength. An internet rabbit hole is the limitless knowledge packed inside this virtual storage room that tempts a human’s most instinctual desire: curiosity. 

Curiosity makes us take that step forward into the trap that is the internet. We have a thirst for learning that is not sated until the burn of curiosity itself dies out. Curiosity tempts us to keep on making the same excuse over and over again.

But do you truly escape this loophole though? Nope. This excuse is called procrastination, something that halts us from doing things that would actually be good for us. 

Now how does one escape this never ending loop of wasted knowledge?

There’s many ways out. You can get bored, fall asleep, do something else urgently, but there’s two surefire ways to make sure you escape this rabbit hole.

The first one is to go deeper and deeper and deeper. To go so deep into your temptations of escaping reality and delving into useless knowledge that you just completely burn out the passions of curiosity that have latched onto your brain.

Humans can’t focus on one thing for too much time, as the brain avoids forming obsessions that hinder the body’s ability to sustain itself.

The second surefire way to get out is to build something that every successful person builds in themselves: willpower. 

A stronger will means a more active and aware mind. If you have a sturdy enough will and a desire to do something productive in your life, then you can easily escape the internet rabbit hole. 

Of course, willpower isn’t something one instantly acquires. Even though some have an iron will from the start, most have to build up their willpower gradually like muscles, which usually takes a lot of time.

Overall, it’s the fact that the internet is virtually limitless and easily accessible which causes so many problems.

It all comes down to keeping a balance. Falling into the internet rabbit hole once in a while isn’t too bad. Just don’t make a habit of it.