Will we be wearing masks for years?


Aidan Bohen

Wearing a mask has become an everyday habit for people.

Aidan Bohen, Staff Writer

The change of wearing masks daily was introduced as the coronavirus began to infect millions. Wearing masks is a must in public places to try to slow the spread of the virus. But how long will the public have to wear masks for? If people get the vaccination and COVID-19 is over, I believe we don’t have to wear masks. As long as the CDC permits it. 

If it’s completely under control, no more people are getting sick, and scientists say it’s safe, it’s a given that we should begin to transition back into old times. 

“When everyone gets vaccinated and COVID is gone, I still think people will continue to wear masks because they may still be paranoid about the virus. Some people wanna take more precaution and others don’t. I really just think it depends on what are the laws on having to wear a mask in the future,” said Madeline Burke (‘21). 

It’s completely normal for many Asian countries to wear masks almost all the time, even before the spread of coronavirus. In these countries it’s ingrained into their culture to wear masks. They’ve been doing it for decades due to pollution and other illnesses. 

“If COVID is done, I don’t think we should have to wear masks. But people who are older and other people who get sicker probably will continue to wear masks after COVID as an extra precaution,” said Ginger Bernales (‘21).

Restaurants, schools, and many public places will probably have more sanitation rules to ensure people stay safe. This is a good thing because we may see new improvements in society starting to branch out.

“I think that there will certainly be less mask-wearing after people are vaccinated. I think it would be a good policy for people to wear masks when sick, but the anti-mask culture in this country is pretty influential,” said Amador Math 3 teacher Alex Porter.

In the future the United States and other countries will have stricter regulations on having a hygienic society to ensure that the world doesn’t fall under attack by another pandemic. People nowadays are going to be more cautious and paranoid about any new sicknesses or viruses.