Should soccer practices continue, even with the Stay at Home order?


Arissa Leomiti

Soccer is just one sport that has continued despite the regional order.

Arissa Leomiti, Staff Writer

Let’s talk about sports. Unfortunately, with many athletic seasons being postponed or cancelled, it is heartbreaking for these athletes. 

However, that does not mean that teams have cancelled practices. Many club teams have continued to practice to ensure that they are keeping in shape and possibly waiting for whenever their season might swing back around. 

The CDC states that if you continue to follow the guidelines and be cautious of yourself and your surroundings, there should not be a problem. As long as teams are taking action to follow these important guidelines, practicing outdoors is allowed.

There is a lower chance of people getting COVID while being outdoors because you are out in the open air. Sports such as soccer and any outdoor sport meet this criteria.

However, for indoor sports such as basketball, there is a higher risk of people getting exposed because you are indoors and are surrounded by others. That being said, even outdoor sports can be risky.

In a Washington Post article, it stated that in Minnesota, health officials announced that at least 10% of cases in schools in the state were associated with sports, including indoor sports. There were reported 46 outbreaks related to hockey, 41 for volleyball, 20 for basketball, and 10 for soccer. 

In short, it is important to be mindful of the people around you. Taking the guidelines seriously will allow for safety within one another. 

In regards to soccer practice, they should only continue if, and only if they are strictly following the correct guidelines.