How students are preparing for online finals


Kendall Witters

Students look to different resources to help them prepare for finals.

Kennedy Mayo, Staff Writer

Amador Valley has been closed since the middle of March because of COVID-19. Since then students have had to move to online school, and that also means testing online. Now that Amador is nearing the end of the semester students will have to take their finals online.

Not only have students had to adjust, but teachers as well. Teachers have to change the way they teach and give out tests. Now that they can’t be on pencil and paper. Online finals may be easier or harder for students, but this year they have more resources to use to study for the final.

“Using resources online and asking teachers questions during zoom and looking back at notes,” said Bella Wiley (’21).

Online platforms like Quizlet, Khan Academy, and AP Classroom, to list a few, are also available to students. These resources give students additional help outside of their classrooms.

Further, some teachers have shifted from the regular 100 multiple choice questions for the final. Many have decided to assign projects instead; the projects that they assign are worth the same amount as tests but in project form. 

“I am planning on reviewing all the material in my classes with finals to prepare. Finals are different this year because of online school obviously and many of my teachers decided not to have a final test but instead final projects. Also finals this year seem less important and less stressful because they are online,” said Natalie O’Sullivan (’22).

Teachers have also tried to make it easier for students by having Office Hours every Wednesday. Students use the time on Wednesdays, since there technically isn’t any school, to talk with their teachers and to get a better understanding of homework or the upcoming finals. 

“The teachers have given us assignments and opportunities for me to ask questions in class and ask for study advice. Using the tools that they have shown us during class and the homework they assign can help me study this year,” said Cristian Mayo (‘23).

Teachers and students have been through a lot this year, with COVID-19 causing a switch to online school. This switch to online has affected students both negatively and positively. Not only are students doing regular school online, but they are doing finals online as well. Students may be struggling because it is a big switch and teachers have had to find a way to make their finals for the students.