Local sports teams traveling out of state to participate in competitions


Euan Houston runs the XC Town Meet of Champions in Indiana.

Many local sports teams are making the most of competition opportunities in spite of the difficult circumstances. 

Recently, a couple of softball players from a Batbusters team headed to Arizona for an all-star game. Game structure remained similar to how it operated prior, and both teams were able to compete effectively. 

“[T]ournaments were very safe, and the directors did their best to limit contact, which wasn’t much of a loss since softball isn’t a contact sport. Each team had their own set of balls to use throughout the day, and if a ball went over the fence or was a foul no one could go get it other than the team using that ball,” said Dublin sophomore Juliana Cooney

Another large competition, the XC Town Meet of Champions, was held mid-November in Indiana. The meet gathered the best runners in the nation, including Amador senior Euan Houston. 

Across all sports, the biggest difference in competitions was the smaller amount of spectators. 

“Normally, spectators would like every inch of the course, but this year there was hardly anyone. Also, the race was limited to half the number of people as normal, so it felt very different racing in a much smaller group,” said Euan Houston (‘21). 

Changes to sports guidelines have affected the culture and training regimen of many teams and athletes. Competitions, no matter the location, have allowed many to focus and remain determined. 

“Running is what I have dedicated my life to… For me, it was crucial to try and have at least one race in order to have something concrete to focus on and to keep me accountable in my training,” said Houston. 

A local soccer team traveled to Nevada for competition as well. No players were available to comment at this time. 

Without a doubt, the present situation has only emphasized the importance of sports and extracurricular activities for many local students.