The boycotting of Amazon and fast-fashion: will it make a difference when the holidays come around?


Renna Popli

People funnel money to big businesses when local businesses need some love.

Renna Popli, Junior Editor

This holiday season, more and more people are realizing the negative effects of large corporations like Amazon and Walmart. They’re bad for the environment, and they take sales away from smaller businesses. This is why many people are planning to buy gifts from small local businesses. While the intention is clear, will people really be opting for the less-convenient small businesses, or will they make their way back towards online ordering from these big businesses? Does it really make a difference for both parties?

It’s critical to small businesses that people keep supporting us. One season without sales is enough to put any business under, and Christmas in retail is usually at least 30% of our business in a year. It, of course, also keeps people employed. In addition to the store employees, local businesses tend to use local services so it affects the accountants, printers, and suppliers use as well,” said Judy Wheeler, owner of Towne Center Books.

Since the pandemic hit, nearly 100,000 businesses have shut down permanently. Small businesses have not been receiving many in-person customers (for obvious reasons), and because Amazon and other online retailers have a larger internet presence, people are funneling their business to them. This may be convenient, but it’s been detrimental to the finances of people all over the country. 

“I prefer to shop at Amazon because it is a convenient way to buy products,” said Inder Saini (‘23). 

Many people don’t consider shopping from small businesses because they can conveniently order from a larger company with just a few taps. On the Amazon app, one only has to find the item they’re looking for and hit order. While many small businesses have online shops, they are rarely as convenient or well-organized as those of large companies. This is no fault of their own, which is why people should consider spending an extra few minutes buying from a smaller business. 

It is difficult to operate an online warehouse out of a retail storefront. Online requires sorting, staging, which take floor space and of course delivery. The inventory required is much broader and more unpredictable than sales made from browsing in the store,” said Wheeler. 

Aside from the issue of convenience, many small businesses have higher prices than larger companies. Many buyers don’t think it’s worth the price hike to support a small business, or they simply can’t afford it. Others say that the higher price is not a dealbreaker for them, so they continue to shop at small businesses and keep their money local. 

“I do think it’s worth spending more money to support small businesses instead of giving to Amazon and supporting Jeff Bezos,” said Teresa Manger (‘23). 

When buying gifts this holiday season, be sure to first consider buying from your local small businesses. Small businesses are better for the economy, the environment, and the people who own and work in them. 

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By Elyssa Lieu

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