AV reacts to ISIS

Mark Liu, Staff Writer

ISIS, a radical fundamentalist terrorist group, also known as ISIL and Daesh, have committed over 70 terrorist attacks in 20 countries (not including Syria and Iraq), sinc...  Read More »

October 20, 2016 • 0 comments

Amador hosts Run for Relief

October 19, 2016

On Wednesday, October 26th, Amador will be hosting a Run for Relief around the track for those affected by Hurricane Matthew. The event will be ...  Read More »

New Exchange Zone

October 17, 2016

At some point in our lives, most of us have either purchased or sold something off Craigslist,or a site similar to it. If one hasn’t done thi...  Read More »

Flyers from “white power” group found on campus

October 14, 2016

On Wednesday, September 28th, flyers by alt-right white power organization Identity Evropa were found glued at various locations around Amador, ...  Read More »

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New and “Improved” Parking lots

Cole Torquemada, Staff Writer

If you haven't already noticed, there have been some massive changes to the Amador front parking lot. Many student and teachers are upset about the new parking lot formats. ...  Read More »

October 10, 2016 • 0 comments

  • Urban Shield Protests October 10, 2016
  • Amador’s missing mascot September 29, 2016
  • Teacher Housing Crisis September 15, 2016

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Students React to Tragic Passing of Jose Fernandez

Zach Kolia, Staff Writer

    This past month, we lost a professional sports figure.  All Star pitcher Jose Fernández passed away at the age of 24.     Jose Fernández was an instant star in Major...  Read More »

October 22, 2016 • 0 comments

Pink Out Game Makes a Difference

October 10, 2016

Women’s Varsity Water Polo Pulverizes Mission San Jose

October 6, 2016

New Season, New Faces

October 6, 2016

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