Nikith Pooviah
Nikith Poovaiah ('21) is definitely one of a kind type of guy. He is just such a suave, cool, chill, laid back guy, there's no wonder that everyone wants to be his friend. Nikith Poovaiah is an AVTV Editor-in-Chief and loves to work on the AVTV show and make it as interesting and fun as possible. This is his third year in the journalism program, he loves being in the class and wouldn't trade it for anything. In his first year he worked on many segments including fun interesting segments as well as fun, enjoyment segments. This just goes to show how large of a range he has. His second year was most definitely his best year to date, he worked constantly on AVTV trying to make it the best he can. 

Nikith Poovaiah loves his friends and misses them more than anything during this COVID-19 period. He loves going on trips with them to different places around the bay such as San Francisco and Berkely. He also loves cooking and helping his mom out around the house. There is nothing he likes more than gaming with his friends however. He also loves listening to music and in fact listens to it almost year round.

Nikith Pooviah, AVtv Editor-in-Chief

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Nikith Pooviah