Haygen Riley-Gleason
Haygen Riley-Gleason ('22) is a Junior joining the AV Journalismprogram for the first time. He spent the first 4 years of his life in the wonderfully boring state of Connecticut. Soon after he moved to Ohio for another 4 or 5 years and spent the majority of his childhood there. And finally, when he turned 8 he arrived in the state of California. 

Compared to most human beings Haygen is actually a relatively boring person. He enjoys running, reading, and plays the guitar. Additionally, He has dabbled in the violin and piano for the past few years but nothing that intense. Haygen was hoping to become an editor or writer, but he has no real preference, or expectations for that matter. Being a generally unremarkable human being, Haygen does not really have any awards or accomplishments to speak of. Other than being unreasonably good at terrible games and being amazing at smash, which aren't really worth mentioning at all to be honest. So yeah, even if Haygen didn’t choose to be in journalism he's hoping to enjoy it and at least make something of spending his time there.

Haygen Riley-Gleason, Staff Writer

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Haygen Riley-Gleason