Are standardized test scores useful indicators of progress?

Nicole Morote, Editor-in-Chief

June 3, 2016

For students, standardized testing is one of the most universally criticized aspects of a high school education. To some extent, this aversion makes sense: a 2015 study by the Council of the Great City Schools showed that the average American student takes 112 standardized tests between grades K...

Death with Dignity: Our Right to Die

Brittany Maynard wants people to have the choice to decide how they will die when they have a terminal illness.

Morgan Werder

December 18, 2014

Brittany Maynard, a terminally ill young woman from Portland, Oregon, made headlines recently as the poster child for the The Right to Die. After being diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma, she decided that she would not let her illness dictate the way she would die and she took to social media to...

The Era of 1989

The Era of 1989

Katie Grant, Staff Writer

December 9, 2014

By just age fourteen, she had gotten her own record deal.  At age 24, she has won over 228 awards, been nominated 438 times, and honored by the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Her new album has sold over 1.3 million copies in just the first week, a record that has not been touched since 2002. Her name...

Taylor Not-So-Swift

Swift loses over 6 million dollars from a blank space with Spotify.

Mrinalini Narayan, Staff Writer

December 8, 2014

Taylor Swift has currently removed all of her music from Spotify simply because she believed she was not producing enough money. From country to pop, Taylor swift’s genre of music would be categorized as “unknown.” Her sudden change in genre has worked towards her favor with over 1.287 million...

Was Scottish Independence a Good Idea?

Erin Walsh, Staff Writer

October 14, 2014

The Scottish referendum vote occurred on September 18th, but questions still remain as to what would have happened if the Scottish gained independence. As for the US, its a decision that benefits us more than independence would have. . The United Kingdom is a strong ally of the United States, and...

Autism Speaks

Many are concerned with the fact that Autism Speaks does not have an autistic person on the Board.

Nicole Morote, Jr. Editor-in-Chief

April 14, 2014

In 1980, about 1 in 10,000 children in the United States were reported to have an autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. Today, it’s 1 in 68, according to USA Today. There are various organizations that claim to be working towards a better future for people affected with ASD. One of the most influential o...

Franco’s inappropriate flirtation could just be publicity stunt

Shriya Bhindwale, Features Editor

April 13, 2014

I have always considered James Franco one of the most intelligent actors of our time -- he went to Columbia School of Arts, teaches classes at the University of California, Los Angeles in his free time, and hits the trifecta of entertainment: acting, directing/producing, and musical theater. Perhaps...

Colleges should consider rigor of high schools during application process

College Board shows that universities do consider an applicant's high school, however many say otherwise.

Kate Hatch, Staff Writer

April 13, 2014

Amador is known for being a high-achieving school with successful students. These qualities don’t come easy though – high standards have to be maintained. The curriculum at Amador proves to be more challenging compared to other schools. Students are told that having AmadorValleyHigh School on...

Innocent selfies turned marketing ploys

Ortiz snapped a rare selfie with President Obama, using his Samsung phone.

Vickie Ma, A&E Editor

April 13, 2014

David Ortiz may have accomplished the rarest of feats the day the World Champions Red Sox visited the White House: snapping a selfie with President Barrack Obama, quickly activating change in Washington. Boston Red Sox’s “Big Papi” almost cost the entire nation its chances to take selfies with...

Should the NFL use Super Bowl to try to affect legislation?

The 2015 Superbowl will be held at Arizona's University of Phoenix stadium.

Austin Kim, Staff Writer

March 3, 2014

Senate Bill 1062, which allows businesses in Arizona the ability to deny people rights on the grounds of the business owner's religious beliefs, has cast Arizona into the national spotlight. The National Football League has now taken interest in the matter. The 49th annual Super Bowl is supposed to be ...

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