Fall and winter sports postponed indefinitely


Amador Valley Journalism

Girls Volleyball is one of the sports that will be postponed.

Renna Popli, Junior Editor

In wake of Alameda County moving back to the purple tier, fall sports have been postponed indefinitely. 

“I’m pretty disappointed since some of us have been coming to preseason since late June…it’s sad that we don’t get to compete to show off our training and improvement,” said AV cross-country runner Shreya Modak (‘23). 

The high school athletics schedule had previously been modified to allow time for the virus to become less severe, and sports had been planning on starting on December 7th. 

Unfortunately for all our student-athletes, Alameda County has moved back into the purple tier. The tier system is a way to classify severity of COVID-19 in certain areas. Purple is the most severe, and it means that covid is widespread in our area, hence making it extremely unsafe to have gatherings such as sports games. 

“Although I’m very disappointed with the season being postponed, I think it’s good for our team to come together and fight through…schools aren’t being overly careful, they are just trying their best to contain the virus and stop the spread,” said AV waterpolo player Amy Heath (‘22).  

The school has decided to continue holding practices so long as they are outdoors (if possible), distanced, and in stable cohorts (groups of people that do not change– like social bubbles). 

“With COVID you can never do too much, I feel like the school knows what they’re doing but, of course, I just want to play football,” said AV football player Gavin Talbot (‘22). 

Athletes are understandably disappointed about their seasons being cancelled, but coronavirus safety is everyone’s first priority.