Harry Styles releases “Golden” music video


Soumyasri Rangan

In just 5 days, “Golden” racked up over 30 million views on YouTube.

Soumyasri Rangan, Staff Writer

Fans have had to wait more than 10 months for the “Golden” music video, and it was definitely worth it. For my first introduction to Harry Styles’ videos, this one slayed. With three scenes featuring all of Harry’s goldenness, this video was perfect in all aspects. 

Starting off with a run under a bridge, Harry captures the playful mood of the background music with his facial expressions. Throughout the video, his expressions are odes to yet another talent of his. 

However, my favorite scene would probably be the water scene. This scene takes a look at Harry from under the water, and, I have to say, the camera work was out of the world. The clarity of the background and the water droplets was outstanding. To be honest, I kept rewatching that part. 

Since this was my first introduction to his music, I wasn’t blown away with the song itself. Though the camerawork for the video was amazing, the actual song was standard at best. It felt like any other pop song from 2020. The lyrics didn’t inspire or bring out anything in me, and they felt very repetitive.

As a first time listener and watcher, I was not blown away. The song could definitely use some work, but the video expressed the lyrics of the song perfectly which I definitely appreciated. However, new listeners like me should remember that this is not the only song that Harry has made. 

Many other songs on Fine Line have beautiful lyrics, and as an avid music listener, I can say that one song does not define an album, nor does it define an artist. While this video did not make me a hardcore Harry Styles fan, it definitely made me realize that there are more singers whose videos and lyrics resonate with people across the world.