Review: ‘Emily in Paris’



The Netflix series set in France stars actress Lily Collins.

Jasmine Andrea, Junior Editor

Living in Paris seems like a dream to any young American, so who would say no to the opportunity to experience the food, the people, the sights, and the culture of the French? 

Emily Cooper, played by the beloved Lily Collins, is a Chicagoan in her twenties who gets the offer of a lifetime: an opportunity to live and work in Paris for a year.

As Emily navigates her work and personal lives, her multiple brief love interests present just as much stress as her dispiriting new boss, Sylvie. Sylvie wants nothing to do with the abrupt change in pace that Emily brings to the company. 

This show is like a rom-com split into ten thirty-minute episodes which end up with the first two or three episodes being very slow-paced and not too entertaining.

I’ll have to admit the only reason I stuck with the show is because everyone said it gets better, and yes indeed it does. 

Once we understand Emily a bit more and she familiarizes herself with her French counterparts and surroundings, the drama starts to stir. 

The story becomes quite interesting when we learn more about Emily’s posh coworkers and the drama unseen at the surface because of their perceivable perfect lives.

There are multiple corny scenes thanks to the director, Darren Star, who is no stranger to rom-com type shows. However, they are done in a way that makes them almost enjoyable to watch.

As Emily’s character progresses from an awkward outsider to a woman who stands up for herself no matter the consequences, she is presented as a respectable role model. I personally enjoyed watching her do the opposite of what’s expected of her.

Seeing the touristy sights of Paris from Emily’s perspective, which would probably be similar to my own, fills me up with a joy I did not know I needed. The elegant views of the city itself provide the necessary serotonin desired in this time of minimal travel.

The glamorous events that Emily gets to attend also make me feel as though I may one day create a life for myself to wear the latest fashion and meet some important people in a foreign country. I may just have to live vicariously through this character.

Because of the French setting and French people speaking with French accents, you start to get a feel for the culture of France and understand the misconceptions about them. You can also try your hand at using a poor French accent, as I did.