AVHS sophomore Tanya Bakshi works with nonprofit to keep the elderly connected


Tanya Bakshi

Tanya Bakshi (‘23) smiles, holding some of the many devices she has donated to help seniors.

Elyssa Lieu, Page Editor

Phones. Computers. iPads. We’re surrounded by technology all the time, but that old iPhone lying in the back of a drawer might just be more useful than you think. For AV sophomore Tanya Bakshi (‘23), the technology we use today isn’t only for the Internet— it could save someone’s life as well.

“[Telehealth Access for Seniors] was founded in March by a couple of college students. We collect devices that are camera-enabled, and once we reach a certain amount of devices, we drop them off at local veteran centers and clinics,” said Bakshi (‘23).

To date, Bakshi has donated over 20 devices to the Hayward Counseling Clinic. 

“The clinic is for low-income communities, and these devices help them connect with physicians, counselors, family, and friends,” said Bakshi (‘23).

Yet no matter how many devices she donates, she remains passionate about what got her started in the first place: helping people to connect.

“Telehealth Access for Seniors caught my eye because I had recently taught my grandma, who lives in India, how to use the iPad we got her. We taught her how to use Youtube, and now, she sends me videos of the new recipes she’s trying every day,” said Bakshi (‘23).

If you want to donate a device or help volunteer, you can contact Bakshi at @tanyabakshi27 on Instagram or send a message to Telehealth Access for Seniors here. Don’t forget that donating devices isn’t the only way to help seniors, though.

“People who can drive, they can buy groceries for seniors, and others can make videos on how to do basic things on devices… [You can] write letters or you make funny videos, and you mail it to local senior centers. Seniors love receiving those kinds of things,” said Bakshi (‘23).