New petition against losing 40% of Bicentennial Park


Matthew Kim

With Century House at its center, Bicentennial Park is a landmark of Pleasanton.

Matthew Kim, Editor

A recent move by the City of Pleasanton to create a parking lot in Bicentennial Park located on Tanager Drive has been met with strong pushback from Pleasanton community members.

“I think parks are really important right now, and that especially with COVID having everyone stay more at home and stuff, being able to go to the park and play sports is a necessity,” said Brett Miller (21’).

Built on land given to the City of Pleasanton in 1969, the Bicentennial Park has remained a welcoming space for those wishing to partake in outdoor activities. With over 750 signatures on the petition, those in the community aren’t ready to let their park be ruined.

 The city had planned on restoring the nearby Century House and sought to utilize parts of Bicentennial Park to create more parking space. 

However, this would lead to the removal of several large heritage trees, and the minimization of wide grass fields utilized by those proximate to the park. Also included with the removals would be an added emergency vehicle access on the residential side.  

“Removing a lot of the park seems really pointless especially since the park is already not that large, I think we should try to preserve the park as a lot of people use the park on a daily basis,” said Tanner McMillen (21’).

Pleasanton community members were able to convince the city manager to pause the Century House restoration and subsequent parking lot till January 2021, giving time for Parks and Recreation Commissioners, along with Council members, to better consider the impact of augmenting the park.

Despite initial victories, the future of the park is still up in the air. If you or someone you know would like to get involved and help the cause you can sign the petition at